Painful television campaign

  • Client: Angelini Pharma
  • Media: TV, Print
  • Realisation: 2014
Painful television campaign

Marketing challenge

The Aulin gel is an over-the-counter medication, that belongs among so called antiphlogistics, which are anti-inflammatory drugs (for the reduction of inflamation). They have reached the Czech market just recently in 2009. This segment of non-steroid antiphlogistics is typical for its highly competitive environment – among the most significant marketed products that rival Aulin gel belong Voltaren, Ibalgin gel and Olfen, alongside with more than 13 other brands.
Our goal was to come up with such activities, which would lead to an increase of brand awareness, as well as market share and product sales in the particular monitored period by a minimum of 19 %.

Our solution

With regard to the available budget, the target group and the comparison of efficiency of different kinds of media, we have decided to achieve the set goals through communication using a television campaign. The essence of the communication strategy for Aulin gel was drawn from the following facts: the majority of the target group comprises of women (who in fact buy the product for the whole family) of ages of 45 and older, who, in the Czech Republic, belong to the so called “sandwich generation.” The concept of “sandwich generation” describes a present-day phenomenon, where working-age population with not yet fully independent children supports aging parents as well. Almost three quarters of people between the ages of 45 and 59 assist their aging parents with their daily lives.
Thus the following, creative strategy for the prepared TV spot reflected aforementioned information, and we aimed to form its key idea in such a way, that the woman we target can clearly identify herself with the idea of the message. The principal intention was that the spot be simple and memorable, especially with regard to its narrow medial propagation .


The television campaign for Aulin gen, despite the low airing frequency, resulted in an increase of market share from 5,6 % to 8,9 % in the monitored period.
The original goal for an increase in sales by 19 % proved to be very modest – the campaign brought an increase in the sales volume of more than 54 %!
The suitably utilized communications influenced consumers’ behaviour even in the long term view – the Aulin gel product scored the highest increase in sales in the monitored period even after the campaign had concluded. The long term view revealed an increase in sales volume of incredible 87,3 %.
The sales volumes thus rose the most in the whole segment even after the campaign despite the fact it is the price leader (the product is the most expensive one in its category) and there are other brands in the segment, which communicate notably.


  • 54% increase of product sales during the campaign
  • 87% increase of product sales in the long term
  • 9% increase of market share from the original 5.6 %
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